Real Estate

A variety of legal issues can arise in connection with real estate, whether agricultural, commercial, or residential. Mattson Ricketts can advise you about all of the aspects and implications of your unique circumstances.

Boundary & Easement Disputes

Disputes over property boundaries or access across adjoining land are often difficult, complicated by dynamics that may have developed over years as neighbors or that have yet to develop between new neighbors. Our attorneys have handled numerous boundary and easement disputes and are experienced in tailoring their approach to the specific facts of a particular case. Consult Mattson Ricketts, and we will help you determine the best way to approach your dispute to present a strong position and give you the best odds for a favorable result.

Construction Defects

Our attorneys have experience in representing homeowners who have been the victim of poor craftsmanship or faulty materials. We can help you, as a homeowner, recover compensation for construction defects in your new or remodeled home or addition.

Our experience also affords Mattson Ricketts a unique perspective and more complete understanding of the construction process that is valuable in representing homebuilders in the same types of disputes.

Eminent Domain & Takings

Under both the federal and state constitutions, no government entity can take your real estate, infringe on your rights to enjoy it, or cause your property to be devalued, without paying you just compensation. Mattson Ricketts can help ensure that your constitutional rights are fulfilled.

Purchase, Sale & Leases

There are many unique issues surrounding both the business and regulatory aspects of solid and hazardous waste disposal. Mattson Ricketts has extensive experience in handling all of these issues, from zoning and land use regulation to contract negotiation and disputes to environmental permitting and compliance.